Eloise is a character-derived dance performance choreographed, written and performed by Jeanette Kotowich, which brings insight to the practice of honouring traditional territory. Eloise invites the audience to witness and participate in protocol with sincerity, hilarity, and gratitude. Through paralleling the irreverent against reverence, the performance experience is a provocation, asking the question ‘How do we give thanks?’ Eloise is honouring, the inner terrain of the body, the ties to land and experience that we carry with us from where we have come, and the physical land on which we currently stand.

We are all of our relations.

Previous Performances:

Raven Spirit Dance’s IndigeDIV, Dance in Vancouver – November 2017

Gold Saucer Fundraiser for Mutable Subject, NEW RAW – Vancouver – August 2016

*Formerly, a performance piece co-created by Jeanette Kotowich & Sharon Jinkerson Brass called Seeded as part of Indian Acts at the Talking Stick Festival – Vancouver – February 2016


Whether you spent 2 hrs or 10 hrs with me, I would like to acknowledge each person who has offered his or her support as a mentor or ‘outside eye’ in the creation of Eloise. In working order, thank you to Sharon Jinkerson Brass, Deanna Peters, Michelle Olson, Charles Koroneho, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Carlos Rivera Martínez, Margaret Grenier, Jack Gray, and Dåkot-ta Alcantara-camacho.

Project Support:

Raven Spirit Dance

The Dance Centre

Talking Stick Festival