Steppin’ is created and conceived by Jeanette Kotowich with sound design by Wayne Lavallee and guest Métis fiddler JJ Lavallee.
Steppin’ is an energetic, knee slapping, toe tapping contemporary Métis jig solo. Musically driven by the fiddle’s undeniable force, the impulse for movement is sparked like a flint that ignites fire. With electricity of the jig and fancy steps that rebound off the earth – for a moment in time, milliseconds before you return to earth you are propelled in the direction of spirit, like a horse running in the open wild. It is a celebration of the joy of movement, the healing in dance, the significance of heritage, and the love of Métis culture.
Steppin’ moves through time weaving between histories; mirroring Métis Cultural traditions against contemporary dance influences, I search to harmonize with a sense of belonging while referencing my identity as a contemporary Aboriginal person.
Previous performances:
Steppin’ has been performed on the stage more than 15 times in the Yukon, British Columbia and Ontario. It has been presented on many festival stages, including the Weesageechak Festival, Dancing on the Edge Festival, BC Buds Festival and Coastal First Nations Dance Festival.
Project support:
BC Arts Council – Early Career Development